What we do

Development Cooperation Projects

The real protagonists of the projects of development cooperation are the members of the university. Teams of staff, teachers and students carry out projects in collaboration with NGOs, universities and research centers of partner countries.

The CCD offers support to these teams and projects, offering advice, help in the search for funding, promoting links between groups and individuals and facilitating economic support through the Annual Call for Cooperation Projects of the CCD.

The orientation of these projects is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals and with the global fight against poverty, inequalities and exclusion, specially in the areas where the UPC, as a public technological university, can contribute, bringing technology at the service of sustainable human development.


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The CCD promotes the participation of members of the university in social volunteering programs and local cooperation. We promote programs based on Service Learning, and also collaborate with associations to facilitate and promote the participation of students, teachers and staff in programs organized by them.

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Awarness raising

The UPC contributes to educate and train students with a global vision so that they become engaged and active professionals that contribute to the construction of a more fair and sustainable world. We organize activities like conferences, exhibitions, seminars... and also support the proposals of the university members that contribute to these objectives. 

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Program UPC Reutlitza

We collaborate with Tecnologia per Tothom in this program. The UPC Reutilitza (Reuse) reparis computers and other equipment coming from donations and recovery from UPC obsolete equipment. They are then offered to social projects and organizations for their projects and activities. 

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