Wellcome Refugees Program

The humanitarian emergency arising from the flood of people fleeing armed conflicts affecting their countries has generated a strong flow of citizen solidarity, while different agencies and administrations organize different proposals as an answer. In Catalonia, the Generalitat is coordinating a joint action, and various initiatives are also been articulated from the municipal level.

The universities are also taking part in this mobilisation and at a Spanish and Catalan level, through their networks CRUE, ACUP and XVU have stablished a certain coordination in this issue. 

The UPC, with the approval of this Program, aims to facilitate the access to university to the students fleeing war or violent conflicts taking place in their countries, with the objective that, once the situation in these countries is pacified, they can return and contribute to the reconstruction. 

This program aims to facilitate matriculation grants and other facilities.

 A través  de este programa, las personas refugiadas podrán acceder a ayudas a la matrícula, becas de aprendizaje para que puedan disponer de un complemento económico y a otras facilidades y servicios propios de la UPC.


If you are interested in the program, contact us at CCD

Phone: +34 934015961