Call for pre-doctoral grants


Until June 30th, a call is open for two PhD theses in the field of research for human development called by UPC. More information in this link.


The CCD is the office at UPC that since 1992 coordinates the development cooperation and volunteering programs at the University.

Through this action, which takes the 2030 Agenda as a reference, the UPC leads actions that contribute to improving people's living conditions, for example in the coverage of rights and basic needs, the prevention of emergencies, access to new opportunities and capabilities or the reinforcement of higher education systems.

In the global and local fight against poverty, inequalities and exclusion, the values education and a better knowledge of other social realities becomes a focal point of this work. The UPC aim is to train engeneers and scientist that become engaged and active professionals, and can contribute in building a more fair and sustainable world.


In the Catalan version of this website you can find updated information about events, news and other cooperation activity at the UPC. For more information, please email us: